"Roots" #41

(January - March 2009)





Semyon Avgustevich (Russia, Moscow), Yitzchak Averbuch (Israel, Jerusalem). Roots: 15-year-old Experience of Jewish Publicism

Israel today
Yair Lapid (Israel, Tel-Aviv). I am a Zionist
Ksenia Svetlova (Israel, Tel-Aviv). ‘New Russians’ in Knesset – not only IOH
Ophra Lax (Israel, Tel-Aviv). ‘Zarnitsa’ for Grown-up

nonhealing wound
Eugene Berkovich (Germany, Hannover). German with Jewish Destiny
Victor Geht (Russia, Moscow). Insurrection in Belostok Ghetto with Participation of Young Heros
Sergey Vorontsov (Ukraine, Chernovtsy). Righteous Man from Bukovina
Michael Fintushal (Israel, Ashkelon). Holocaust: Warning and Memory

Our country
Stephen Kotkin (USA, Prinston). USSR Collapse. Russia parallels
Sergey Diupin (Russia, Moscow). About M. Khodorkovskiy
Sergey Lepeshkin (Russia, Moscow). Mass Media Problems in Ethnic Tolerance Upbringing

Joseph Malyar (Israel, Kiriyat Byalik). Pseudonym: Face and Mask
Boris Zhutovskiy (Russia, Moscow). It is Dangerous to be Acknowledged
Victor Seleznev (Russia, Saratov). Julian Oksman
Elena Derechinskaya (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod). Always is ‘sold out’
Sophia Visotskaya (Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod). Recalling Obraztsov

our memory
Sergey Kazovskiy (Russia, Moscow). Confession of the ‘Fifth Group Invalid’
David Volpin (USA, New York). Herring
Zisi Veitsman (Israel, Beer-Sheva). In Dem Beltser in Bulvar
Victor Kuznetsov (Russia, Moscow). People and Books