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Dear reader,

You are on the pages of the site of the Jewish magazines УRootsФ which is being published in Russia. The Russian title of this magazine is СKorniТ (СVortzlenТ in Yiddish and СShorashimТ in Hebrew) which if is interpreted loosely is connected with genealogy, ancestry, and memory about generations of the Jews that lived in Russia.

The subject of Jewish history or, more precisely, history of Jewish people is one of the basic subjects that is widely covered in the magazine. Readers of the magazine, Russian Jews, take an interest in many different subjects: Jewry in the Ancient Greece and Rome epoch, formation of the state of Israel as well as modern Jewish life. Experts in the issues, university professors, as well as people who got knowledge in Jewish Studies (Judaic) independently write articles on that subjects.

However, УRootsФ is more than just a historic magazine. It is a magazine of the Jewish publicism. Although our authors are discussing questions of Jewish history, they consider them from todayТs perspective. They attempt to interpret the history of the Jews not on the basis of archeological findings but taking into account the signs they observe in the present.

The second important subject of the magazine is Jewish culture. All the readers of the magazine are interested in this theme. What is Jewish culture? Is it a religion? Or a national tradition? Perhaps it is a dispute between Yiddish and Hebrew? In which direction will Jewish culture develop? And here, in this section the publicistic approach is leading the discussion.

The third subject of the journal is memoirs. The articles of this section are attempting to preserve peculiarities of the life of Jews in Russia for the next generations. Telling about their Jewish families, our authors know that history of every particular family in Russia was affected by the history of Russian Jewry as a whole.

It is necessary, of course, to know Russian for an easy acquaintance with the Jewish publicistic magazine. However summaries of every article, which may be found in each issue, will guide you. They may help an English-speaking reader to understand which article he is interested in and then he or she may order it in the editorial office.

For receiving the full text of the article or issue of the magazine you are interested in (in Russian) please, contact the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Dr. Semyon Avgustevich.

We would like historians and postgraduates who are specializing in Russian Studies to get to know the magazine, to read it and write for it. Above all, we would like the magazine to be a family magazine, that is read by different generations, that is discussed among friends and relatives, that would be interesting to everybody who is interested in Jewry and its problems.

Order, buy and read the oldest Jewish magazine in Russian - УRootsФ! The magazine is issued twice a year since 1994. The #20 will be issued in January 2004.

The Editorial staff plans to publish 4 issues a year from 2004. Our plans will be realized if you, our readers, support the magazine. 

Information about the authors of the magazine read in Russian on the page and information about the members of the Editorial staff you can find on the page

Editor-in-chief Ц Dr. Semyon Avgustevich


СROOTSТ magazine

P.O.Box 20


Moscow, Russia

Tel/fax (7-495)677-4110





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